A little post to show the thoughts and processes behind our current window display!


Each window display starts out with brainstorming and drawing very rough, messy sketches which end up quite a long way off from the final result. We knew we wanted to do a ‘Gatsby’ theme but it was more difficult trying to convey the mood of the novel whilst leaving enough places to display the jewellery. The first inspiration was to look at book covers and try to create a sort of three dimensional version of the classic cover.


Some covers we looked at seem to have missed the essence of the Fitzgerald novel….


Others were extremely stylish but would be impossible to translate into a window display. However, the screen-printed poster style of this cover was an influence.


This rather battered copy was another major influence with it’s simple colour palette and New York City Skyline as the backdrop.


Having decided upon a very simple colour scheme of gold, dark grey and cream, theater sets were another influence as they also have to create an atmosphere in a very limited space, using two dimensional props and not detract from the main performance.

photo-2It was very enjoyable trying to find images of the 1920s New York City skyline (it wouldn’t do to have modern buildings mixed up in it by accident!) and there were so many wonderful pictures of the men who built the skyscrapers that are so famous today.


Yasmin recreated the silhouette of the skyline by projecting it onto board, tracing it and then transforming it into a clean, stylized version resembling a stage set.


For Gatsby’s mansion, taking up the foreground and disguising our display cases, we used Beacon Towers as our main influence as it is said to be the mansion F. Scott Fitzgerald had in mind when he was writing. Unfortunately the building has since been demolished and we had to make a few changes for our mansion to make it more practical.


We retained the idea of having a ‘book-cover window’ by cutting the letters from the title of the novel out of board and spray painting them gold. Once you start using the gold paint it is very tempting to get the Midas touch and transform everything in the house!


We also included a quotation from the novel, “Life is much more successfully looked at from a single window,” in the position where you would usually find a critic’s remark on a book cover.


We hope you like the results!




We have been anticipating the release of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby for a long time now. We’ve read F. Scott Fitzgerald cover to cover half a dozen times, donned ropes of pearls and daydreamed about flying over to New York… Now the wait is finally over and so we have created our own Gatsby-themed window in celebration!


The window draws from the architecture of the novel with Gatsby’s mansion in the foreground and the 1920s New York City skyline in the distance.


Inside Gatsby’s mansion, an array of fabulous jewels to adorn yourself for the party!


Above the mansion we have cocktails and cocktail rings spilling out of our vintage-style jewellery cases (also for sale!)


Who wouldn’t want a cocktail with one of our bespoke cocktail rings?


Inside the shop we didn’t need to change a thing as the interior is already full of chandeliers…


… and candelabras where the full range of our silver charms are displayed!


Finally, our favorite quote from the novel, because jewellery is much more successfully looked at from a single window – ours!



This will be the final post about the Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show 2013! I wanted to share with you the interview they did with Yasmin recently. 10% of the sales from her Beetle Collection will go to the charities supported by the ECFS until the end of April so if you would like your purchase to benefit Cancer Support Scotland and The Sandpiper Trust you need to be quick!




“What looks like this year’s FINAL BloggED INTERVIEW tells us about Yasmin Everley’s jewellery collection, her design aesthetic and what it’s like to be a young jewellery designer. Remember, that 10% of her sales until the end of April will go towards ECFS’ final charity total, so if you fancy a piece, then take a look at her blog and the Joy Everley website.

Name, age, where do you live?
I’m Yasmin Everley, I’m twenty-three and I live in London.

Where and what did you study?
I just graduated in Classical Studies at University of Manchester but now I would like to study silversmithing as well!

What made you want to become a jewellery designer?
My mother is a jewellery designer and I started designing with her when I was about eleven so in hindsight it seems like the obvious choice….”

Read the full interview here.



As much as I love designing my charms with as much realism and detail as possible, resulting in unique and intricate pieces, the beauty and impact of a clean and contemporary design should never be underestimated!

This week I have been photographing some of my more minimal designs, contrasting their smooth, unblemished surfaces with the natural texture of pebbles I have collected.


The Baby Egg Bracelet, though the links do not really resemble eggs, has proven to be a very popular gift for men to buy their wives due to its bold simplicity. The look is strong enough to be worn on its own or sometimes we like to add a charm to make it more personal!

Hammered Link Bracelet

I love the Hammered Link Bracelet, it makes such a lovely sound as you move your wrists! I took the very simple alternative oval and circle links and gave them a deeply hammered matt finish which makes this bracelet incredibly versatile, from classic and elegant evening adornment to boho festival chic!

Line Ring

The Line Ring is very popular as a unisex piece, for girls who want a bold, solid ring with a bit of weight to it and for guys who want something uncomplicated but with the subtle detail of the oxidised line.

Vermeil BanglesNow for something a bit brighter! Its hard to go wrong with these delicate vermeil bangles. They look so elegant as a single bangle on a bare arm of layer them up – you can even mix and match with the plain silver version!



This is just a short post to show the window display in support of the Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show for those of you who may not have seen it already!




We took elements from the styling of the shoot, such as Sophie’s red rose headband, and combined it with old packing boxes, 1920s leather cases and beetle collections to create the display which gives the impression of a party taking place in the laboratory of a Victorian entomologist!


Throughout March and April, 10% of sales from Yasmin Everley’s Beetle Collection are being passed to the ECFS to donate to this year’s charities: Cancer Support Scotland and The Sandpiper Trust and so for two months my shop, Joy Everley Fine Jewellers, has become ECFS themed!




My daughter, Yasmin, is involved in this year’s Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show and for the next two months the show will set the theme of my window display as well as 10% of the sakes from Yasmin Everley’s Beetle Collection going to the charities. More on the window display in my next post but for now I want to share a bit of information about the charities!



Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show styled a shoot using Yasmin’s design which you can view here. 


A little more on the Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show:

The theme of this year’s show is DUALITY which is felt to represent both the world of fashion and the nature of Scotland and therefore Edinburgh. “For example, Robert Louis Stevenson apparently took inspiration for his Jekyll and Hyde characters from the stark contrast between Edinburgh’s city scape; the chaotic, organic nature of the Medieval Old Town and the ordered, reposed classicism of the New Town.” Quote taken from ECFS’s Theme and Purpose.



Last year over £10,000 was raised for the Children‘s Hospice Association Scotland so its clear to see what an impact the fashion show can have on supporting these causes. This year there are two charities being supported; the Sandpiper Trust and Cancer Support Scotland.

The Sandpiper Trust, founded in memory of Sandy Dickson, was established as a Scottish charity in order to help improve Pre-hospital emergency care in remote and rural Scotland. Working together with BASICS -Scotland (British Association of Immediate Care), a standardised portable and effective medical care kit, now widely known as a Sandpiper Bag, was created for the use of  BASICS trained doctors, nurses and paramedics in remote and rural parts of Scotland. The Sandpiper Trust is making a huge difference to Emergency pre-hospital care in Scotland and as a result lives which might otherwise have been lost, have been saved.” Caroline Welles


Cancer Support Scotland is a Glasgow based charity providing emotional and practical support to anyone affected by cancer including family, friends and carers. It recognises that when faced with a diagnosis of cancer, people need a holistic approach to their care which includes psychological, emotional and spiritual care as well as physical. Professor Sir Kenneth Calman recognised that within the medical environment, such total care was not able to be adequately provided and that there was room for additional support. Cancer Support Scotland was formed to bridge this gap and complement medical treatment provided by the NHS.” Caroline Welles


Yasmin will be lending my support to these charities by giving 10% of all of her sales throughout March and April to ECFS.


Art Direction: Rosanna Reade, Grace Bremner, Finlay MacAulay, Adam Gavshon Brady

Photos: Lucy Henshall, Clarice Kenny

Models: Yasamin Salah, Julius Colwyn, Sophie Marr

Styling: Finlay MacAulay, Grace Bremner, Alex Bunting




And now for the design half of the trip!

perfect green

After the bustling city of Bangkok and the beautiful but slightly touristy beach it was so nice to arrive at Chiang Mai – a small city surrounded by mountains and farmland – and see the perfect green of the paddy fields!

001This is Yasmin in the Celadon Tea Rooms a beautifully restored traditional teak Thai house with a secret garden. A welcome respite from the heat and shopping

002This is me and Yim at the factory’s retail showroom in Chiang Mai. They sell One’s stunning silver and colourful acrylic creations.

003One day at lunch near Lamphun and were approached by this old man. Pound explained that he was a selling homeopathic remedies that he had made himself.


Jewellery designers lunch! Joy, Yasmin, Mon and One!

005One of our favourite desserts in Thailand (apart from mango and sticky-rice) are these sweet coconut jelly ducks.

006I had the last one!


Yasmin, me and Mon outside the factory!


One of the crucibles where the metals are melted down to pour into the moulds for casting.

009The huge ovens where the moulds are heated up until the wax melts away. This is where the wax ‘gets lost’ in lost wax casting.

010The ovens are incredibly hot so the staff use these long tongs as well as thick gloves to transport the moulds.

011Most factory workers travel by motorbike, here are all their bikes neatly lined up.

012This is the room where the costume jewellery is made. I don’t design any costume jewellery but it is interesting to see the different techniques used.

013This is the enamelling room where among other colours, they find the perfect red for our strawberry charm. It is such delicate work mixing the colours in the little dishes and then painting it onto the silver!

015More costume jewellery processes – gold leaf! This is not the same as gold plating which is done by electrolysis. In this case the gold leaf is carefully painted onto the jewellery, it is very slow and delicate work. Doesn’t the gold look delicious in the little cup?


This lady is working on our foxtail chains which are handwoven. Here she is polishing a completed chain but the weaving process closely resembles the knotting of coloured threads for  friendship bracelets!

018Here is some of the completed chain, do you recognise it?

019Lots of Thai people are huge fans of British football. Most people seem to support Manchester United but this guy has chosen Liverpool and has decorated his entire workbench with pictures of the players.


Then during the weekend it was Chinese New Year. There was a great atmosphere and this dragon went charging through the market, snapping its jaws at stall owners until they put offerings and donations in its mouth!


On the last day we went back to Celadon tea rooms with Mon and Pound and enjoyed ‘Siamese High Tea’, a clever Thai take on British high tea and very delicious. After that we had a final walk through the Chinese Market and then it was time to go home!

022 023

I can’t wait to post pictures when the new designs arrive!